VMware NSX Network Virtualization


Although server and storage virtualization have brought incredible benefits to the modern data center, the next big step is network virtualization. Today’s data centers are ready for an improved networking model – NSX delivers it.

NSX is being leveraged by organizations across just about every industry to build more secure, automated data center environments. With NSX, network functions like switching, routing, and firewalling are embedded directly into the hypervisor. This enables levels of security, agility, and data center economics that were previously unreachable with physical networks.


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How are Organizations Benefitting from Network Virtualization?

  • NSX reduces the time it takes to provision custom, multi-tier network topologies and enterprise class security services from weeks to seconds.
  • NSX reduces both OPEX and CAPEX. Automation eliminates manual configuration from the network provisioning process and simplifies network hardware requirements.
  • The NSX network virtualization platform operates on any hypervisor, any network hardware and integrates with any cloud management platform.
Virtualized Network
  • Similar to a virtual machine for compute, a virtualized network is a fully functional network in a software container, provisioned independent of underlying hardware or topology.
Distributed Security
  • NSX delivers a new model for network security. Security profiles are distributed to and enforced by virtual ports and move with VMs.
Scale & Performance
  • NSX is deployed in production today by several of the largest service providers, global financials and enterprise data centers in the world.

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