Cloud Backup

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Feeling squeezed by the need to protect ever-increasing amounts of data with a tightening IT budget?

It’s a common scenario for businesses of all sizes. Traditional backup and restoration systems are often costly, slow, inefficient, and frustrating. In short, they’re no match for the demands presented by the amount and type of data being produced in today’s work environment.

That’s why many companies are turning to a cloud-based backup system. It’s cost-effective, flexible, fast, secure, and easy to use.

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How It Works

With a Clearpath cloud backup, your data rests on an external server safely away from your office.

Using a Clearpath appliance, we replicate your data to a cloud (such as Iron Mountain, Synaptics, or S3). The appliance appears as an iSCSI target to your backup application.

Your data is compressed and safeguarded with state-of-the-art encryption to ensure only your company can access it. And, it undergoes de-duplication to minimize data redundancy, reduce storage requirements, and accelerate your cost savings.

A Clearpath cloud backup enables you to retrieve your information from anywhere – at any time – with simplicity, speed, and reliability. And, with Clearpath, you’ll have a partner with both state-of-the-art cloud expertise and strong enterprise knowledge.

Benefits of a Clearpath Cloud Backup

  • Significantly lowers the cost of backing up your data
  • Maintains access to your information no matter your location
  • Delivers a highly scalable storage solution
  • Provides advanced data protection and security
  • Allows flexible upload and backup schedules
  • Restores data quickly and easily
  • Eliminates hardware maintenance hassles
  • Enables testing without disrupting any applications
  • Cuts licensing costs
  • Protects against network outages or disasters

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