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Security is Complicated

There are bad actors who spend every waking minute with malicious intents against organizations. There are bots that can coordinate a sustained DDoS attack large enough to take down major DNS providers (such as Dyn). Gone are the days where a simple, signature-based firewall is enough to protect a corporate environment. If you’re not on top of the latest trends, your environment will quickly become vulnerable.

Let Clearpath's team of experts leverage their portfolio of proven security products from trusted vendors, to ensure that a proper multi-layered security is architected. We’ll walk you through the components of a properly developed security posture, identify the most prominent issues that face your organization, and build a phased plan to remedy your current state.

What do you need?

A layered, customized defense that fits your company’s unique structure and needs while remaining flexible enough to stay ahead of emerging threats. Which is why you need a trusted security partner like Clearpath.

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Clearpath's Properly Architected, Multi-Layered Security Strategy

Clearpath's Properly Architected, Multi-Layered Security Strategy

Typically, no single product can solve all security issues within an organization – no longer will an edge firewall protect you against a modern threat. To truly create a strong security posture, Clearpath recommonds solutions that cover but are not be limited to:

Endpoint Protection - IPS/IDS/Malware protection for endpoints

Network Firewall - traditional edge firewall

SIEM - security incident and event management 

SDN - micro-segmentation

Remote Access - Secure access for remote employees

Network Access Control - restricting access based upon whitelisting, profiling, etc 

DNS Protection - web filtering

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When you need much more than a piece of hardware or a software application, Clearpath Solutions Group is ready to help.

Our Security Solutions help you with your entire project, from assessment, to strategy, to design, all the way through to implementation. We help you with hardware and software selection, and we provide the consulting, strategy, design and engineering support that ensures our solution meets your business goals.

  • Real-Time Security Analytics

    Detect and investigate attacks in real-time to protect your data and minimize risk.

  • Network Security

    Use a mix of software and hardware deterrents to protect against emerging threats.

  • Endpoint and Cloud

    Protect your PCs, tablets and mobile phones against malicious attacks.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    Protect your enterprise against the number-one attack vector for hackers: identity compromise.

  • Behavioral Management

    We help your employees understand their role in preventing cyberattacks

  • Email and Web Solutions

    Extend your defenses beyond network and endpoint protection to mitigate email and Internet threats.

  • Security Information & Event Management

    Detect incidents in real-time while improving the efficiency of your response.

  • Security Operations Center

    Identify and respond to threats more effectively while reducing costs.

  • Micro-Segmentation

    Prevent suspicious lateral movement among heterogeneous data center and cloud systems and assets.

  • Data Security

    Discover the best combination of services and technologies to remediate your data vulnerabilities.

  • Security Program Strategy

    Align your operational effectiveness and security priorities to meet overarching business objectives.