Digital Transformation Solutions

Say “Bye!” to business as usual

Uber has digitally transformed the taxi business. Airbnb has digitally transformed the hotel and short-term rental market. And Tesla is using digital transformation to revolutionize the way people buy and drive cars. Your industry may be ripe for the next revolution.

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of your business. It’s a process that transforms how you operate—and how you deliver value to your customers.

Will your company be leading the way?

On your journey to digital transformation, you’ll need a forward-thinking technology partner—like Clearpath.

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Begin a Digital Journey That Transforms Your Business Into a Pioneer


Clearpath helps you harness the power that comes from taking your business to the next digital level.

We deliver a suite of hardware, software and professional services that helps you digitize business operations, automate systems, gain better access to data and analytics, and open the door to globalization.

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When you need much more than a piece of hardware or a software application, Clearpath Solutions Group is ready to help.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions help you with your entire project, from assessment, to strategy, to design, straight through to implementation. We help you with hardware and software selection, and we provide the consulting, strategy, design and engineering support that ensures our solution meets your business goals.

  • Application Modernization

    We help you create new business value from legacy applications by updating them with modern features and capabilities.

  • IT Process Automation

    Combine the speed of DevOps with the power of automation to build workflows that shorten your incident response lifecycles.

  • DevOps

    From assessments to strategy to fully managed DevOps, we help you use Agile development to move faster without retooling.

  • Continuous Integration / Delivery

    Our DevOps engineers guide you to a standardized CI/CD toolkit that gets you releasing software daily as opposed to bi-annually.

  • Automation Workshops

    Learn how to modify your IT processes and create new ones to meet changing business requirements.

  • Application Lifecycle Management

    Our team deploys an integrated system of tools and processes to help you deliver software releases on time—without sacrificing quality.