Data Center Solutions

When you need to cover your assets

The most critical asset of any organization is its data.

Data helps you understand your customers, improve your processes and make better decisions. Data helps you solve problems, understand your performance, and deliver on the promise of digital transformation. And that’s why your data center is so vital to your success. With the right data center, you maximize data availability and uptime. You improve staff productivity and deploy new applications faster.

But operating a data center comes with challenges that are as unique as your data. How, for example, do you optimize capacity utilization (power, cooling, space)? How do you maintain the lowest total cost of ownership when you have so many data center options to choose from (such as on-premises, co-location, managed and cloud)?

The answer:

Trust your data to a data center partner like Clearpath.

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Clearpath Data Center Solutions

Solution Data Center

With Clearpath, you enjoy best-in-class technologies, customized to fit your business needs.

We are the strategic IT partner who makes certain your infrastructure and applications perform optimally in any situation.

Is Our Middle Name

When you need more than a piece of hardware or a software application, Clearpath Solutions Group is ready to help.

Our Data Center Solutions help you with your entire project, from assessment, to strategy, to design, straight through to implementation. We help you with hardware and software selection, and we provide the consulting, strategy, design and engineering support that ensures our solution meets your business goals.

  • Data Storage and Protection

    On-site, off-site and in the cloud, we help you store and protect your mission-critical data against hardware failures, hackers and disasters.

  • Compute and Virtualization

    We simplify your data center management while increasing your IT agility, flexibility and scalability—all while reducing your capital and operating costs.

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    In the event of a disaster, your most critical applications resume operation with minimal downtime and no additional equipment.

  • Data Center Migrations

    We help you move your data center to a new location with minimal downtime and with all dependencies mapped and accounted for.