Cloud Solutions

The sky’s the limit?

Not anymore.

Everybody might be telling you the cloud is the answer. But are you asking the right questions? For example, are you setting up a hybrid cloud environment? Moving storage to the public cloud? Adopting SaaS applications?

Most organizations are adopting the cloud for compelling business reasons. After all, the cloud helps you lower risk, reduce costs, increase flexibility, improve employee productivity, and improve data integrity. But to be successful in the cloud, you need to know exactly where you are going. 

How do you get there?

With the help of a trusted cloud partner like Clearpath.

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Clearpath Cloud Solutions


When you have questions about cloud technology and where it’s headed, turn to the experts at Clearpath. We help you figure out the cloud technology and services you need to reshape your infrastructure to meet the needs of tomorrow

Clearpath was born in the data center. We began with a focus on building out infrastructure on-premises, and today we have evolved to specialize in migrations to public cloud and hybrid cloud environments. We’ll get you up and running smoothly and quickly with the cloud solution that enables you to consolidate workloads and capture efficiencies across your organization.

Is Our Middle Name

When you need much more than a piece of hardware or a software application, Clearpath Solutions Group is ready to help.

Our Cloud Solutions help you with your entire project, from assessment, to strategy, to design, right through to implementation. We help you with hardware and software selection, and we provide the consulting, strategy, design and engineering support that ensures our solution meets your business goals.

  • Private/Public/Hybrid

    We design and implement the cloud environment that suits your unique business requirements.

  • Cloud Migration

    We plan and execute your migration to the cloud with minimal disruption and speedy access to your data.

  • Cloud Management

    From costing to monitoring, from troubleshooting to capacity planning, we manage your cloud.

  • Cloud Assessments

    Find out if you’re ready for the cloud with an assessment that goes beyond technical design and migration.