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Companies with large amounts of data no longer have to feel squeezed by a tightening IT budget. Cloud backup is cost-effective, flexible, fast, secure, and easy to use. With Clearpath’s cloud backup services, your data rests on an external server, safely away from your office.

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How Cloud Backup Works

We safeguard your organization’s most important data on external servers, not in your office. Our cloud backup includes:

1. Data Replication in the Cloud

Utilizing a Clearpath appliance, we replicate your data to a cloud (like Iron Mountain, Synaptics, Amazon, or S3). The appliance appears as an iSCSI target to your backup application.

2. Data Compression

In order to minimize the space needed to safely back up and secure your data, we de-duplicate your files to minimize data redundancy, reduce storage requirements, and accelerate your cost savings.

3. Data Protection

Your data is safeguarded with state-of-the-art encryption to ensure only your company can access it. Our cloud backup services comply with all major regulatory guidelines.

Benefits of Online Backups

Backing up your data to the cloud or implementing a hybrid server backup environment provides many benefits to your organization. These include:

  • Reduces the cost of backing up your data
  • Maintains access to your information no matter where your location
  • Delivers a highly scalable storage solution
  • Provides advanced data protection and security
  • Allows for flexible upload and backup schedules
  • Restores data in a quick and efficient manner
  • Eliminates hardware maintenance issues
  • Enables testing without disrupting any applications
  • Cuts licensing costs
  • Protects against network outages, workplace disasters, and cyberattacks

Why Choose Clearpath Solutions Group?

Clearpath Solutions Group helps you store, protect, and manage your organization’s most valuable asset—information—while increasing your efficiency and decreasing your costs. As a leading provider of IT infrastructures, Clearpath is here to help.

We offer customized planning, design, and implementation of cloud backup services—a process we’ve perfected for organizations in a variety of industries. We provide comprehensive support throughout your entire IT lifecycle.

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About Clearpath

Clearpath Solutions Group is a cloud and IT infrastructure solutions provider that specializes in the architecture, implementation, and support of enterprise IT environments, including public, private, and hybrid clouds. We help you store, protect, and manage your organization’s most valuable asset—information—while increasing efficiency and decreasing the cost of doing business, whether in the cloud, in your data center, or in one of ours.

Our background in data center and virtualization technology and partnerships with clear industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and EMC allows us to take a holistic approach to your enterprise technology needs.

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