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Are You Ready for the Cloud?

Is your company evaluating cloud computing to reduce your IT costs and increase operational agility? If so, you’re not alone. But you might be struggling with a few key questions. At Clearpath Solutions Group, we offer cloud assessments for enterprise businesses to evaluate your cloud readiness.

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Questions About the Cloud

Many business owners struggle to answer key questions about moving to the cloud. Is it the right move? Will the cloud really help me reduce operating costs? Will the cloud make a significant impact on my organization’s output?

Have more technical questions? A cloud assessment from Clearpath Solutions Group helps answer all of your most important questions about moving to the cloud, including:

  • How would my company benefit from the cloud?
  • Which workloads could move and for what benefit?
  • Can I integrate my current environment with the cloud?
  • How does my current depreciation schedule fit into this picture?
  • How do the SLAs stack up against our current capability?
  • Which cloud providers fit our way of doing business?
  • How does my current staff fit into the plan?
  • How will the cloud change our workflow?
  • How do we communicate this internally without scaring everyone?

What Does a Clearpath Cloud Assessment Include?

At Clearpath, we offer our cloud assessments in three tiers: Lite, Standard, and Total.

Lite Package

A Lite cloud assessment from Clearpath answers two of the most important aspects of moving your organization to the cloud. These include:

  • Workload assessments
  • A complete migration strategy

Standard Package

Our standard cloud assessment package includes a customized workload assessment and migration strategy. Additionally, the Standard cloud assessment package includes:

  • Depreciation analysis
  • Team portal with weekly status reviews

Total Package

The Total Package is the ultimate in cloud readiness. You will receive the same offers as our Standard Package and also receive:

  • Staff skills analysis
  • Workflow review

The engineers at Clearpath excel at helping you craft a customized plan for implementing the cloud that goes beyond the technical design and migration plan.

What Organizations Can Benefit from a Cloud Assessment?

No matter what your industry, you can benefit from a comprehensive cloud assessment from Clearpath Solutions Group. We specialize in cloud assessments for:

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