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Advanced Data Center Cost Modeling

Advanced data center cost modeling establishes a framework for strategic decision-makers to anticipate and prepare for future information technology expenditures. Now more than ever, organizations are evolving to a hybrid cloud environment to run their IT infrastructure and increase organizational flexibility, speed of deployment, reporting, and more. Clearpath can help your organization blueprint future data center expenditures related to both on-premises infrastructure and cloud initiatives.

Our engineers help you reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and provide you with more purchasing power to make sound financial decisions. Schedule a consultation today!

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What Is Advanced Data Center Cost Modeling?

Put simply, data center cost modeling outlines the cost to design, deploy, and maintain your data center technologies. This includes:

  • Power distribution units and cabling – Powering your data center is not as easy as plugging in a surge protector and turning it on. We help you determine what power distribution units are needed to run your data center in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Data center cooling – Keeping your data center at the proper temperature ensures servers and other hardware equipment never overheat.
  • Fire suppression – A fire could result in your entire data center being destroyed. Installing a commercial fire sprinkler system is out of the question and will ruin your equipment. We help you find cost-effective solutions.
  • Storage – As you collect more and more data, you need more and more storage to house your organization’s data and files.
  • Hardware – How much will the hardware needed to run the proper software applications cost on a monthly basis? Annually? Our consultants provide answers to this, and more.
  • Managed hosting – From private dedicated servers to ensuring 99.99 percent maximum uptime for your data center, let us provide you with the knowledge to select managed hosting within your budget.
  • And more

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Our highly experienced consultants can assist you with all aspects of data center technologies, including planning, cost modeling, and more! Just talk to us about your specific needs. We will build a tailored IT infrastructure that is scalable and allows you to maximize your software, hardware, and human resources.

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