Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure (VDI)

Your success today is virtually assured

Want to know nine words that can quickly and permanently harm your business? “Sorry, but I’m not at my desk right now.”

Employees need access to their desktop computers all the time—even when they are away from their desks. This is why a growing number of companies are turning to Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI).

When properly configured and maintained, a VDI delivers a seamless working environment that enables your workers to easily and safely access their applications and data from any device.

Want to know the best way to set up and manage your VDI?

Trust a proven partner like Clearpath.

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Clearpath VDI Managed Services

Clearpath VDI Managed Services

At Clearpath, we take care of the daily upkeep, management, and delivery of your virtual desktop infrastructures—ensuring your VDI setup is cost-effective, works flawlessly and delivers enterprise-class availability.

  • Local, Certified Support 24/7/365

    We provide  you with a dedicated onshore team of certified architects capable of solving any issues that can arise. When your employees have a problem, they call our team—not yours.

  • Patching and Maintenance

    We make sure your VDI hardware is always properly configured and maintained for maximum reliability and superior user experiences.

  • Guaranteed Delivery and Performance

    We leverage VDI best practices to monitor and manage problems before they arise—ensuring your employees always enjoy a smooth, seamless desktop experience.