Network Managed Services

Because the opposite of “networking” is “not working”

Managing an IT network grows harder by the week.

You face intensifying network complexity, increased data traffic and heightened risk of security breaches. Add to these challenges your primary goal of optimizing network performance (affordably), and it’s no wonder that you want to outsource your network management to a third party.

Who is the right partner for you?

Put your trust in Clearpath Solutions Group.

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Clearpath Network Managed Services

Clearpath Network Managed Services

At Clearpath, we give you the room you need to grow, by helping you maintain an efficient and flexible IP networking infrastructure for your operations.

Our fees are highly competitive, and our level of service is legendary.

  • Firewalls

    Clearpath protects the flow of sensitive data within your network by taking care of the patching, upgrading, and maintenance of your firewall infrastructure.

  • Load Balancers

    Clearpath makes sure your traffic is always balanced properly for scaling and availability – so you can present a seamless, always-on view for your users.

  • Circuits and Connectivity

    Clearpath proactively recognizes and troubleshoots circuit quality and connectivity issues for you – before your end users start sending tickets to your IT help desk.

  • Routers

    Clearpath monitors your routers and addresses any issues that can arise, ensuring your network always delivers a consistently positive user experience.

  • Switches

    Clearpath helps you improve business reliability by identifying and resolving potential equipment fails before problems can develop.