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Clearpath Solutions Group has helped organizations in many industries operate within a variety of markets, and we understand the issues that drive those markets. Whether it be constraints on budget, man power, compliance regulations, or explosive data growth, we know how to assess and overcome various pain points.

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Greater efficiency while delivering exceptional patient care—isn’t that the ultimate goal shared by any healthcare organization and medical facility? To maximize your efficiency, streamline your IT infrastructure, and tighten your security—all under HIPAA compliance—you must create a long-term solution to your data infrastructure.

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Law firms face multifaceted IT challenges. Your data infrastructure and cloud computing environment is data intensive, with each case generating thousands of associated legal documents and files. But, many firms’ infrastructures are not agile enough to keep pace with big data growth.

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Clearpath Solutions Group offers big data infrastructure solutions and cloud computing architecture for manufacturers. As a manufacturing company with high production efficiency, you rely on your technology infrastructure, hardware, and applications to accurately store, manage, analyze, and act on data.

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In the pursuit of streamlined IT environments, banks and other financial institutions of all sizes face significant challenges. In today’s digital economy, rapid data growth presents a challenge for your IT department, including data infrastructure and cloud computing solutions that meet compliance regulations and protect the information of your clients.

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Associations & Trade Groups

Trade groups and other associations understand the burden of managing their IT infrastructure under limited funds and resources. Keeping your data infrastructure organized and operating cost-efficiently can be a challenge, and Clearpath Solutions Group is here to help. We understand the challenges of maximizing a limited budget and staff resources with your changing operational needs.

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In today’s digital economy, retailers must take advantage of ecommerce stores and a robust online portfolio to provide their customers with an optimal shopping experience on the web. Without it, customers will simply leave your store and go to a competitor’s—not to mention the drastic effect website downtime could have on your revenue and profits.

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Schools and educational institutions face unique challenges. From budgeting to hiring new staff members to ensuring textbooks are renewed, your institution’s IT infrastructure may be one of the last things on your mind. Clearpath Solutions Group can help your educational institution reduce the operating cost, optimize the performance, and increase the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

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Media companies and publishers rely on the Internet and big data solutions to provide a seamless customer experience. From pay as you go services like Netflix and HBO Now to e-books and music streaming, digital media creators are looking for ways to measure and deliver content with a scalable, secure solution.

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About Clearpath

Clearpath Solutions Group is a cloud and IT infrastructure solutions provider that specializes in the architecture, implementation, and support of enterprise IT environments, including public, private, and hybrid clouds. We help you store, protect, and manage your organization’s most valuable asset—information—while increasing efficiency and decreasing the cost of doing business, whether in the cloud, in your data center, or in one of ours.

Our background in data center and virtualization technology and partnerships with clear industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and EMC allows us to take a holistic approach to your enterprise technology needs.

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