Disaster Recovery Using Public Cloud

AWS Cloud DR Services from Clearpath Solutions Group

Would your business survive a mass-hacking or worse, losing its data due to a fire or flood? Data protection and security is increasingly important in today’s digital economy—and Clearpath is here to help.

Clearpath Solutions Group offers customized disaster recovery using the public cloud. We’ve partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide fast, reliable DRaaS using the Amazon Cloud. Give us a call or contact us online to speak with a Clearpath consultant about disaster recovery using public cloud.

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What Is Disaster Recovery (DR)?

Disaster recovery is a custom designed strategy for your business to resume normal computing capabilities in as little as time possible in the event of a disaster. Your disaster recovery plan should be carefully strategized and implemented with scalability in mind, two reasons why the engineers at Clearpath Solutions Group are some of the industry’s best disaster recovery planners in the market.

Disaster Recovery Using AWS Cloud

Disaster recovery as a service (DR) using public cloud is based on virtualization and takes a unique approach to traditional disaster recovery planning (DRP). Delivering faster recovery times and multi-site availability at a fraction of the cost of conventional disaster recovery, DRaaS using AWS cloud computing allows your most essential data (located offsite) to be copied and restored significantly faster than traditional disaster recovery services—minimizing your company’s downtime and saving you revenue in the process.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Using AWS Cloud

The primary benefit of using AWS cloud for disaster recovery is efficiency. We’ll work with you to create and implement a DR plan using the AWS cloud that protects your critical IT systems without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. The AWS cloud supports many popular disaster recovery architectures—from “pilot light” environments to “hot standby.” Other benefits include:
  • Fast performance – The ASW cloud has ultra-fast disk-based storage and file retrieval.
  • No tape – Using the AWS cloud, you can eliminate the costs associated with transporting, storing, and retrieving tape media and associated tape backup software.
  • Compliance – Depending on your industry (healthcare, finance, law, etc.), your disaster recovery plan may require compliance deadlines.
  • Elasticity – From big data storage capabilities to unlimited applications, you can add, expire, and delete data easily in the AWS cloud.
  • Security – Clearpath chooses to partner with the AWS cloud-based disaster recovery platform because of its security and reliability. Ask us about AWS certifications and audits.
  • And much, much more

Why Choose Clearpath Solutions Group for DR Using Public Cloud?

Clearpath offers SAN-to-SAN replication for improved reliability and ease of storage when it comes to replicating data to the AWS cloud. Our disaster recovery using the public cloud offers flat storage costs, improved business continuity, and much more.

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