Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Stay light, stay nimble

You’re in the innovation business, not the infrastructure business.

Building your own infrastructure brings many problems. For starters, you have to deal with the cost and headaches of keeping up with product updates, maintaining end-of-life equipment, and managing potentially significant capital expenses every year. It's nearly impossible to scale quickly to meet spikes (and drops) in demand. And worse, your IT staff must focus too much of their precious time on managing servers and storage rather than innovating and problem-solving. 

The last thing you want is for your time, people and budget to be tied up in buying, building, managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure you need.

The solution?

Infrastructure as a Service with Clearpath.

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Trust Your Infrastructure With One of the Best Solution Providers in North America

Clearpath’s Infrastructure as a Service

At Clearpath Solutions Group, we help you replace outdated operating models and become more agile in your responses to customers and competitors by outsourcing your IT infrastructure.

Let us worry about managing your compute, networking, security and storage so you can focus on the tasks that will further your business goals.

With our Infrastructure as a Service, you avoid the expense and complexity of buying, provisioning and managing physical servers, virtual machines and other data center infrastructure. We support your mission-critical infrastructure applications and services with guaranteed 99.99% uptime and daily, virtual, seven-day backups included—free of cost.

  • Virtual Machines

    Run your virtual machines in the cloud so you don’t have to maintain infrastructure. Clearpath provides CPU, memory, and storage in a flexible private or hybrid cloud solution.

  • Server Licensing

    There’s no need to buy Windows Server licenses or keep track of provisioning. Each virtual machine includes a license to run Windows Datacenter Edition.

  • Individual Firewalls

    With our IaaS, you get your own dedicated port-filtering firewall with Network Address Translation and Port Address Translation to conserve IP your addresses.

Available add-ons



Physical Equipment Colocation

Physical Equipment Colocation

Virtual Appliance  Colocation

Virtual Appliance Colocation

Managed Services

Managed Services

Layer 2 Extension

Layer 2 Extension

Microsoft Licensing  as a Service

Microsoft Licensing as a Service

Security View/SIEM

Security View/SIEM

Telecommunications  Provider Connections

Telecommunications Provider Connections



Advanced Firewall

Advanced Firewall

Advanced  Load Balancer

Advanced Load Balancer

Additional  Security Offerings

Additional Security Offerings

Choose the IaaS model that works for you

Pay-as-You-Grow Model

Our build-your-own infrastructure service delivers the services you need on demand. It is self-service and non-prescriptive. Use what you want, when you need it.

White-Glove Model

Our tailored service delivers managed infrastructure upgrading, patching and monitoring, lifecycle management, capacity planning, an end-to-end migration service and more.