Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

From “Oh, %@$^!” to “We’re okay!” in less than an hour.

A whopping 94% of companies that experience a catastrophic data loss do not survive the experience, according to a study by the University of Texas. Around 43% of these companies fail quickly. A further 51% close within two years.

This means only 6% of companies that experience a catastrophic data loss are likely to survive.

Would your company survive if disaster struck?

Yes, if you have built a path to recover from natural disasters (flood, hurricane), technological disasters (power blackout, system failure) and human-caused disasters (cyberattack, sabotage). Let Clearpath show you how.

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Peace of Mind Guaranteed with 24/7 Monitoring

Disaster Recovery as a Service 24/7 monitoring

At Clearpath Solutions Group, we offer Disaster Recovery as a Service that is monitored 24/7 by our response team. Our service backs up your data and IT infrastructure to the cloud so you regain access and functionality as quickly and easily as possible following a disaster.

We replicate and maintain virtual machines across multiple data centers that are being monitored 24/7 by our team of US based NOC engineers. This gives you the confidence that, when disaster strikes, you will be up and running again in less than an hour.

  • Replicated Workload

    We replicate your virtual environments to our secure cloud infrastructure.

  • Runbook

    We create a runbook of your protected virtual machines to execute in a disaster.

  • Annual Coordinated Bubble Test

    We work with you to simulate a disaster event and restore your server environment.

  • Monthly Self-Service Bubble Test

    Use our testing tools to evaluate the disaster-readiness of your server environment.

  • 24-Hour Standard Journaling

    Easily restore your server environment at any point in time over the previous 24-hours.

Available add-ons

Desktop as  a Service

Desktop as a Service

SIEM Alert Logic

SIEM Alert Logic

Physical Equipment  Colocation

Physical Equipment Colocation

Virtual Appliance  Colocation

Virtual Appliance Colocation

Multisite  Distribution

Multisite Distribution

Multisite Copy

Multisite Copy

Layer 2  Extension

Layer 2 Extension

Advanced  Firewall

Advanced Firewall

Advanced  Load Balancer

Advanced Load Balancer

Journal Extension

Journal Extension

Customer  IP Space

Customer IP Space

Additional Security  Offerings

Additional Security Offerings