Backup as a Service (BUaaS)

Backing you up, so you can keep going

Accidents happen.

An employee might accidentally delete a mission-critical folder or overwrite an important file. A server might experience catastrophic failure. Or your network could become infected with a virus or fall prey to malware or ransomware. 

Unfortunately, these scenarios are commonplace occurrences for businesses of every size, in every industry. Typically, this leads to some or all data being lost forever.

Using a reliable method of data backup is a good first step. However, backups require continual upkeep. As your data grows, you must continually upgrade your storage capacity. Hardware and software licensing can be expensive. And managing these backups takes your IT staff away from more strategic, value-added projects.

Is there an easier way?

Clearpath provides a safe and scalable backup solution. 

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Clearpath’s Backup as a Service


At Clearpath Solutions Group, we protect your data against the risk of loss from human error, hardware failures, theft, hacking, and disasters by ensuring your files, folders, and data are regularly backed up to a remote, secure, cloud-based data repository. We create a second copy of your local backups in the cloud for off-site redundancy and long-term retention needs.

Backup as a Service eliminates the headache of backing up your data while reducing its cost. Instead of you buying—and having to maintain—storage hardware, we deliver a highly scalable storage solution that grows as you grow. And you maintain access to your information no matter where you are located.

Because your backups are stored off-site in the cloud, you can:

  • Test your backups at any time without disrupting any applications.
  • Restore data in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Benefit from the advanced data protection and security that our secure cloud facilities offer.

Available add-ons

  • Local Appliance

    If you lack local storage, Clearpath provides a backup appliance that serves as the primary storage target. It runs backups, creates copies to the Clearpath Cloud, and allows you to perform restores.

  • Restore to IaaS

    In the event of a disaster, restore your virtual machines into our Infrastructure as a Service environment using your backups that were copied to Clearpath Cloud.