Backup Estimate for Amazon S3/Glacier

We made this calculator to help companies figure out how backup to cloud with AWS works financially. You could very easily go to to figure out how much a GB of storage costs – but we’ve combined our experience in backup along with some general math knowledge to show how backup data accumulates very rapidly.

This calculator is a work in progress. Since no company has the same backup policies as another, we’ve attempted to cater this to the largest mass appeal. It’s likely that this won’t fit your particular backup pattern, in which case you should contact us – we’ll help you calculate your backup costs using real people with real brains.

This backup calculator should be accurate to your first 50TB, and beyond that, consider it an estimate, because storage tiering isn’t built into the calculator in its current version. Again, for large backup footprint – contact us, we have models to do this correctly.

Lastly, if you find a math error (we’re not infallible) please let us know. We’ll correct as soon as we can.”

Clearpath’s Backup to Cloud Estimator tool is designed to help you estimate the cost of backing up to cloud with AWS. The adjustable parameters below are designed to demonstrate retention’s impact on cost. Fill out our form at the bottom of the page to receive a copy of your estimate by email.


Total Weekly Backup Storage

19 GB

Daily Backup - Capacity Consumption

2 GB

Weekly Backup - Capacity Consumption

5 GB

Monthly Backup - Capacity Consumption

5 GB

Total RAW Storage

12 GB

Total DeDupe Storage

12 GB

Total S3 Capacity

7 GB

Total Glacier Capacity

5 GB

S3 Cost


Glacier Cost


Monthly Subtotal


Estimated Data Transfer Costs


Monthly Total


All pricing based on public list pricing. Contact us to learn how we can reduce these costs further.

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