Webcast: Proactively Manage VM Storage Performance with QoS

Storage performance issues are one of the main reasons users contact VMware support. Contention issues, latency issues, IOPS issues, configuration issues – all of these can be time-consuming to troubleshoot and get in the way of doing more with VMware vSphere® such as virtualizing more business-critical applications, deploying virtual desktops, or increasing VM density for further consolidation savings. Avoiding storage performance issues is thus high on the agenda for IT organizations as they virtualize more with VMware. Fusion ioControl Hybrid Storage with Performance QoS — from the VMware partner and market-leader in server-side flash storage — is the first and only hybrid to provide the ability to align storage performance with business priorities, and ensure the right data is in the right storage tier at the right time. The Fusion ioControl integrated QoS software gives you the ability to provision, prioritize, and control shared storage performance. The result is a perfect balance of high-performance memory-attached flash and affordable disk capacity that helps you avoid having to call VMware support.

Attend this webcast to learn how Fusion ioControl can help you:

  • Ensure predictable performance to the virtualized applications that need it most, when they need it
  • Provision performance to your datastores as easily as you do capacity
  • Strike the right balance of high-performance memory-attached flash and affordable disk capacity
  • Eliminate performance resource contention among applications

Featured Speakers:

Dean Steadman, Sr. Product Manager, Fusion-io

Date: Thursday, June 5, 2014; 1 PM EST

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