Webcast: Flexibility and Control – End-User Computing with EMC and VMware

Webcast: Flexibility and Control – End-User Computing with EMC and VMware
Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 12pm EST | Register Today

See how EMC end-user computing solutions for VMware View™ provide end-user flexibility and freedom while maintaining simplicity and IT control. Find out how your business can become more agile with the combination of anytime, anywhere user access, and how you can improve IT efficiency, scalability and performance with EMC and VMware.

Attend this webcast and learn to:

  • Increase performance: Boot 1,000 Desktops in 8 minutes, speed backups by 10x with high-performance, deduplicated backups, and add more users while meeting demanding service levels
  • Increase efficiency: Scale to thousands of users without disruption; reduce backup storage by 10-30x, gain end user self-restore, and ensure complete protection
  • Increase confidence: Combine powerful EMC solutions tested and validated for VMware, tightly integrated with VMware integration, and supported by over 400 VMware Certified Professionals to ensure smooth, successful deployments

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