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Virtual Desktop Services for Training/Education

Let Clearpath Webtop eliminate hardware deployment and assist you in providing any training service, from anywhere world-wide.

Desktop management for training deployments is tedious. For each session, you must re-image desktop computers, replace any failed components and test the deployment before you can begin training.

This is labor intensive, time consuming and lacks flexibility. Clearpath has an answer for this unique challenge. Leveraging our Webtop platform, Clearpath offers customized virtual desktops which can be deployed to any location with an internet connection. We deliver your custom image to any PC with a web browser, tablet (iPad), or thin client - anywhere in the world.

With Clearpath Webtop, you can provide any training service, anywhere world-wide, with a custom desktop image delivered over the internet.

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  • Increase the number of locations to which you can offer training by enabling virtual delivery of your training platform
  • Reduce man hours required to deploy and support your training activities
  • Reduce the cost associated with refreshing desktop computers to run your training platform

How does it work?

  1. You provide us with custom image(s) for each training class that you provide to your customers
  2. Identify the number of webtops and date needed
  3. We provide you with access instructions, usernames and passwords to access the environment
  4. When the class is over, we reset and start again

No more hardware deployment in support of training 


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