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Vblock Infrastructure

IT is undergoing a transformation.  It’s moving away from the expense and hassles of traditional IT architecture toward simple, cost-effective private cloud models. Businesses are learning how a cloud system can make IT more responsive to their needs. In the process, they’re redefining how they acquire and manage their technology infrastructures.

Vblock packages provide the building blocks for cloud computing. And Clearpath’s integrated Vblock solutions combine best-in-class networking, storage, security, and management for optimal performance.  Implementing Vblock is a Clearpath specialty – we’ll make your company’s virtual conversion efficient and secure.

Benefits of Vblock from Clearpath

  • Smoothly accelerates your transition to private cloud computing
  • Shrinks your operating expenses
  • Enhances your IT security with certification paths
  • Provides convenient resource metering and reporting
  • Performs resource utilization, configuration, and provisioning
  • Promotes compliance with service level agreements

Vblock Solutions.  Vblock utilizes advanced tools from industry leaders such as Cisco, EMC, and VMware.  It features repeatable units of construction based on matched performance, operational characteristics, and discrete power, space, and cooling. The design patterns facilitate rapid deployment, integration, and scalability.  Additionally, Vblock contains and manages all kinds of hardware and software failures.

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