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Microsoft Exchange Solutions

Business communication methods have changed tremendously over the years, especially in terms of connecting with customers, employees, and other companies. With e-mail being today’s preferred method of communication, your company needs a robust, secure e-mail system to operate at peak performance.

Clearpath solutions – featuring Microsoft® Exchange and EMC® software – will provide your business with superior efficiency, protection, and manageability at every stage of your e-mail lifecycle. That means simplified and faster deployment, consolidation, backup, and recovery for your company.

Backup and Rapid Restore

Clearpath enables you to quickly and easily backup Microsoft Exchange and recover information from any point of time. With disk-based recovery, back-to-desktop (B2D) capabilities, continuous data protection (CDP), and online backup software, your organization will meet the toughest service-level requirements. Enjoy the convenience and security of automated and centralized data protection around the clock.

Consolidation and Management

Migrating your information to a consolidated environment? Clearpath will facilitate your Exchange 2010 transition, and address your security, backup, restoration, disaster recovery, and e-mail compliance needs. Managing the growth of Microsoft® Exchange stores is a time-consuming, complex, and seemingly endless problem. Clearpath employs EMC® consolidation and management software to enable high Exchange availability across multiple sites, ensure your protection, and comply with tougher corporate governance and regulatory requirements.

Virtualizing Exchange

No matter the size or complexity of your company’s IT infrastructure, Clearpath can help you intelligently manage your electronic information. Using Virtualizing Exchange through VMware, you’ll receive greater performance and availability, improved security, and a proven ROI.

Other benefits of Virtualizing Exchange include:

  • Better provision for Exchange server resources
  • Unprecedented control of Exchange servers with VMware VMotion
  • Rapid provisioning with virtual machine templates
  • Easier testing and troubleshooting with snapshots and clones
  • Simplified maintenance and operation of essential legacy systems

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