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Backup and Deduplication

Even a few minutes of irrecoverable data can lead to lost revenue and clients. Clearpath recognizes that information is your company’s most valuable asset and that great care should be taken when designing the protection strategy. We’ll help you design a smarter way to backup and store your data. 

Benefits of a Clearpath Backup and Dedupe Solution

  • Delivers faster backups with superior storage efficiency
  • Provides one-step data recovery
  • Decreases backup costs
  • Offers flexible deployment
  • Eliminates the complexity of large tape systems
  • Works well in demanding situations
  • Lowers traditional backup TCO (12-24 month average payback)

Leveraging our strategic partnership with EMC, Clearpath will deliver the most cost-effective data backup solution available that meets your organization's business requirements.

EMC Data Domain: On average, the Data Domain product reduces storage footprints by 10-30 times. It eliminates redundant information during the storage process, and allows you to store far more data on less space. It then replicates the remaining data, which leads to efficient, safe backups – along with speedy, streamlined data restorations. As a backup appliance, Data Domain easily attaches to your network with minimal installation changes required. It adapts to any backup software that supports Network Attached Storage (NAS) as a target, such as Symantec Backup Exec or NetBackup, CommVault Simpana, CA ArcServe, and EMC NetWorker. Data Domain is perfect for organizations that face excessively long backup windows, deal with high tape costs, need a better disaster recovery system, and have complex backup software implementations (100+ servers).

EMC Avamar: Avamar is a unique tapeless solution that’s extremely efficient at data reduction, especially over long periods of time.  This innovative hardware/software combination deduplicates data before it’s transmitted over the network, making it ideal for remote office backups and virtualized environments. Avamar supports almost all operating systems and common applications with native agents – at no additional charge per agent. Avamar cuts the cost of performing backups, reduces backup risks, drastically decreases backup windows, and simplifies your data protection.

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