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Spikes in traffic to your applications and your website can reduce uptime when you need it most.

Clearpath’s QuickScale solves this problem simply and efficiently.  It enables you to sustain uptime during critical peaks in traffic flow – whether they’re expected or not – at a lower business cost than maintaining extra servers.

How It Works

With QuickScale, a reserve pool of dormant “standby” servers – configured for use with your site or applications – instantly kicks in when your site or applications experience heavier-than-normal utilization.  Clearpath continuously monitors your systems.  If a response time exceeds your predefined threshold, the following actions are triggered:

  • Alerts are sent to our engineers and your management team
  • The reserve application is activated to automatically bring additional capacity online
  • Clearpath contacts you to test your site and applications, and ensure the added capacity delivered the desired response time

Benefits of QuickScale

  • Eliminates the need for expensive extra servers and maintenance
  • Maintains high-performance levels for your site and applications even during heavy traffic periods
  • Allows your employees to work without interruption
  • Enables your customers to access your site and applications during peak times
  • Streamlines your daily operations while giving you some peace of mind

QuickScale, applications, virtualization servicesQuickScale, applications, virtualization services 

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