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Clearpath Professional Services: Helping you get it right the first time.

Clearpath has helped hundreds of companies of all sizes integrate new technologies with existing infrastructure – shortening project lifecycles and accelerating your return on investment. Our services include: '

Strategic Storage Planning Assessments – Understanding storage utilization across applications and business units can be challenging. Our proven methodology and process will allow your organization to see which applications are consuming data storage and how fast that consumption is growing, giving you the ability to act in order to optimize your storage environment.

Virtualization Capacity Planning –Clearpath’s capacity planning assessments enable you to identify applications and systems that are candidates for either initial or further virtualization. Enabling you to optimize resources and increase virtualization penetration into your computing environment.

Virtualization Strategic Roadmaps – Most companies have deployed some type of virtualization for their server or desktop environment, achieving significant savings and agility. Many tier1 and tier2 applications still reside on physical infrastructure for a variety of reasons, including the perception that performance or uptime can be better in physical environments. Clearpath’s Virtualization Consulting Services team can leverage experience and best practices to help you accelerate the virtualization of your environment.

Cloud Infrastructure Assessments – There’s a lot of noise out there about cloud these days…private clouds, public clouds, software as a service, platform services, and Infrastructure as a Service. With all the options available, it’s easy to see that the messages can be confusing, overlapping, and, in many cases, over-simplified. Clearpath can help you develop a cloud strategy that will identify key applications and infrastructure suitable for the cloud, which cloud is ideal for these applications, and a transition plan to identify any key dependencies. Exchange Services, Including Migration and Virtualization – Many organizations want to virtualize Microsoft Exchange infrastructure, but don’t have the internal expertise or experience to virtualize this key application. Clearpath does. We’ll help you identify the correct configuration to virtualize your Exchange systems for optimal performance and availability.

Quarterly Infrastructure Healthchecks – Infrastructures change over time, and even the most disciplined departments can often fall out of best practices when responding to critical situations. Our Quarterly Healthcheck Services enable you to be confident that your infrastructure is configured to best practices, delivering optimal performance and uptime, when you need it the most. Clearpath's team of industry-certified project managers, engineers, and consultants work to ensure the successful implementation of the most appropriate, cost-effective solutions to your business and IT challenges.

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