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Primary Storage

All data isn't created equal.  For instance, your CFO's financial data is more important than last month's holiday party memo.  And over time, the value of data can increase or decrease.  Based on that value, your data requires different levels of availability, protection, and security. Clearpath Solutions Group can help you design and implement a comprehensive data storage strategy that will optimize your systems and lower your total cost of ownership. Our unified storage solutions combine top performance, efficiency, protection, and simplicity. With expertise in data discovery, data classification, tiered storage technologies, data protection, and recovery management solutions, Clearpath delivers best-of-breed technologies and processes to support your business requirements.

Benefits of a Clearpath Primary Storage Solution

  • Greatly boosts storage efficiency
  • Simplifies storage management
  • Cuts storage costs
  • Reduces downtime
  • Enhances overall storage performance
  • Offers outstanding cost-efficiency
  • Provides premium data protection and recovery

Clearpath’s primary storage solutions leverage leading technology from EMC and Isilon.

EMC’s VNX. VNX provides a single platform for all applications, and its fully automated storage tiering (FAST) automatically moves data to the appropriate disk type. This reduces storage hardware and management costs, and saves up to 50% in storage capacity.

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EMC’s VMAX. Known as the world’s most powerful networked storage, VMAX adeptly meets the needs of virtual high-end storage users. It scales seamlessly to an impressive 2 PB, consolidates data efficiently, and meets application requirements on demand. Plus, it offers outstanding interoperability as it supports virtualized and physical servers, SATA drives, flash drives, Fibre Channel, and FAST. And, it protects your data with cutting-edge RSA security technology.

Isilon. Isilon’s robust architecture enables rapid scaling in enterprise storage environments. With Isilon, you receive unlimited capacity in a single-file system, superior performance, and application consolidation – all in a simple-to-manage package. Clearpath’s unified storage solutions – featuring powerful, innovative technology from EMC– combine top performance, efficiency, protection, and simplicity.

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