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Platform as a Service

Developing and running business applications used to be a costly, lengthy, and complex process that placed a considerable strain on a company’s resources. The process thwarted innovation, and stuck developers with a frustratingly slow development cycle.  Additionally, it shut many capable but smaller companies out of the application business.

But, Platform as a Service (PaaS) changed all that. Now, even a business with a small staff and a limited budget can create and deploy amazing applications.

How Clearpath’s PaaS Works

Give your organization the tools needed to develop applications in a cost-effective, efficient manner with Clearpath’s PaaS. Instead of buying and maintaining the expensive equipment needed to build applications, you simply access them through the Internet.

There’s no need to purchase or install tools. You only pay for your usage – like a utility – so it limits your overhead. And, you don’t need specialized knowledge to deploy your apps.

Why Choose a Clearpath PaaS?

Clearpath’s robust PaaS offerings provide your company with highly customized, scalable, intuitive platforms that support the complete app building and delivery life cycle.

Each platform employs Clearpath’s patented QuickScale technology. It constantly monitors application response time, and automatically adds resources (memory, storage, and compute) when needed.

QuickScale eliminates app crashes caused from unexpected spikes in demand, and allows your customers to access your app even during peak periods. In short, it helps ensure a smooth customer experience every time, and saves your company from unprofitable and embarrassing outages.

Benefits of Clearpath PaaS

  • Provides access to unlimited computing power
  • Offers a stable, secure development platform
  • Sharply cuts the costs and complexity of developing apps
  • Delivers outstanding scalability
  • Enables you to pay-as-you-go
  • Speeds the time to market
  • Makes it easy to deploy apps
  • Allows you to focus on innovation instead of the process

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