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Infrastructure as a Service

With technology needs changing at the speed of innovation, companies today are seeking smart alternatives to building and maintaining their own IT infrastructures.

Enter Clearpath’s on-demand hosting solutions, which offer a trusted “network cloud” of computing infrastructure, a 99.99% availability guarantee, and a predictable monthly bill.

Why Clearpath?

As an innovator in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) space, Clearpath knows what it takes to leverage cloud technologies and meet your business challenges.  Unlike other providers, we bring both a strong bench of enterprise knowledge and cutting-edge cloud expertise to provide superior IT solutions that slash costs, boost agility, and enhance overall performance.

And, we use our partnerships with best-of-breed vendors – such as VMware®, EMC®, and Cisco® – to deliver a completely scalable set of pre-configured solutions that can be enabled on-demand.

Additionally, we utilize our datacenters, enterprise-class infrastructure, and network connectivity to host elements of your IT system as an on-demand computing layer. This arrangement supplies the ultimate in computing power as a service, and further heightens your performance.

Clearpath believes that providing a full range of options with expert advice is the key to helping all sizes of businesses find just the right fit.  See what having a trusted IT partner by your side can do for your company.

Why Choose Infrastructure as a Service?

  • Eliminates continual, costly, time-consuming hardware upgrades
  • Shifts IT spending from a capital, unpredictable expense to a fixed monthly cost
  • Avoids expensive, upfront investments in equipment that depreciates
  • Reduces wasteful spending on unnecessary infrastructure
  • Promotes worker productivity and encourages innovation
  • Future-proofs your business so you’ll never be out-of-date

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