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EMC VSPEX: Modular, Prevalidated Architecture

EMC VSPEX pre-validated and modular architectures are built with proven technologies to create complete virtualization solutions that enable you to make an informed decision in the hypervisor, compute, and networking layers. Eliminate server virtualization planning and configuration burdens by enabling faster deployments, greater flexibility of choice, efficiency, and lower risk. VSPEX solutions contain EMC VNXe unified storage platform and flexible options from EMC’s next-generation backup portfolio that will meet your specific needs.

Clearpath is the only company in the mid-atlantic certified on the EMC VSPEX Platform.

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Why Virtualize with EMC VSPEX?

1.) Simplify Your Environment

  • Flexible Architecture to Suite Your Needs
    VSPEX allows you to combine industry-leading compute, network, and virtualization technologies into a pre-validated infrastructure. Predictable levels of performance eliminate the planning, sizing, and configuration burden of moving from a physical to virtual server environment.
  • Simplify Management
    Manage your entire virtual server infrastructure from a single point of control using VMware vSphere or Microsoft System Center, allowing you to accelerate provisioning time, manage virtual machines from a central location, and monitor the performance of virtual machines and their hosts. Add storage with ease with EMC Unisphere provisioning wizards that apply best practices to simplify the process.
  • Simplify Backup and Recovery with One Solution Built For Virtual Environments
    Simplify virtual machine backup and recoveries with EMC Avamar and EMC Data Domain, giving you one solution to protect your VMware, Hyper-V, and physical environments. Implement comprehensive backup at both the guest and image level. Recovery is fast and easy with file-level restore or full bare metal VMDK restore – all in a single step.
  • Improve Administrator Productivity
    Provide application-aware storage provisioning from within the application management interface in different hypervisor environments. Enable administrators to manage storage provisioning for Microsoft Hyper-V and SharePoint from the Microsoft Windows operating environment using EMC Storage Integrator (ESI), and reduce time to provision by 75%.

2.) Improve Your Environment and Achieve Higher Availability

  • Application High Availability and Enhancement
    Realize application high availability with VMware’s HA and vMotion, along with Microsoft’s Quick Migration, to eliminate or reduce planned downtime and unplanned outages. The EMC VNX series provides for application consistent snap shots for point-in-time recoverability.
  • Provision Application Storage on Demand
    Add unified storage on demand with the VNX series. Recapture valuable storage capacity and reduce the data footprint by up to 50% with the EMC VNX series’ built-in features such as thin provisioning, file deduplication, and compression.
  • Speed up Your Backups
    Accelerate virtual server backup times from days to minutes by reducing network and CPU utilization with EMC Avamar’s variable-length, client-side deduplication. Get faster VMware image restores by recovering only the needed data instead of an entire virtual machine with EMC Avamar.

3.) Reduce Cost in Your Environment

  • Automate Storage Optimization
    Optimize storage utilization and lower overall costs – regardless of application type or data age – by automatically moving data based upon workload with FAST VP.
  • Save On Backup and Disaster Recovery Costs with Deduplication
    Reduce backup storage requirements for virtual environments by 10 to 30 times, and network usage by 99%, with EMC Avamar and Data Domain. In addition, Avamar integration with VADP and vCenter greatly reduces administrative costs.

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