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Disaster Recovery Services

Clearpath Managed Disaster Recovery Services guarantee that your business critical applications are available no matter what happens.

Times change, and so does technology. If your current Disaster Recovery plan includes the use of tapes or complex procedures to recover business critical applications, then you’re behind the times. Our Disaster Recovery services can change that. We leverage commercial grade data centers, enterprise grade infrastructure and software to securely protect your business critical data, real-time. We help your IT department with its Disaster Recovery procedures, ensuring that you can keep critical services running regardless of power outage, hurricane or human error.

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Clearpath’s Disaster Recovery Services:

  • Offer a variety of options which range from real-time failover to replicated backups
  • Require no additional equipment or software – simply use our service and replace these traditional capital and operating expenditures
  • Provides disaster recovery services for associations, law firms, government service organizations, and healthcare organizations
  • Protect critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Websites and CRM systems
  • Recover documents, databases or full applications
  • Cloud Computing services available in self-managed or fully managed recovery service
  • Software interfaces that allow your IT team to recover from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Guaranteed Recovery Time and Recovery Level Objectives

Disaster Recovery Services


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