Cordjia Technology Services selects Clearpath Hosting for its IaaS Offering

Reston, Va. – Cordjia,a Delaware and Maine-based company that focuses on middle-market investment opportunities, has engaged Clearpath Hosting to aid in delivering its mission critical strategic applications to Cordjia clientele. Through Clearpath’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud virtual server environments, Cordjia can support it’s mission critical applications. The company’s dynamic models of projected growth and customer base made Clearpath Hosting’s ability to “flex and scale” on demand ideal in supporting Cordjia’s business model for the future.

About Cordjia
Cordjia was founded in 2007 by Shane Flynn, Frank McKelvey, Navroze Eduljee and Blaine Buck. Cordjia develops industry-leading market intelligence technologies and acquires unmatched operational experience while leading some of the largest and most effective sales and operations units in the U.S. and Europe. As a group, Cordjia brings over 80 years of combined operating experience, which allows them to evaluate new business opportunities and lend support to cultivate their development.

About Clearpath Hosting
Clearpath Hosting is a subsidiary of Clearpath Solutions Group, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions and consulting services to over 300 clients across a wide spectrum of industries. With a focus on virtualization solutions, Clearpath seeks to empower its clients by providing access to the latest technologies and now an “Infrastructure as a Service” approach to managing business networks. Learn more by calling 866-892-3154. or visiting

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