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Cloud Hosted Desktops

Facing a complex desktop upgrade cycle?  Wishing your organization could cut its desktop costs? Looking for more computing flexibility for your employees?  A Clearpath cloud desktop system could be your answer.

Why Choose a Clearpath Cloud Desktop?

Clearpath’s system – using VMware’s cutting-edge Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – eliminates the need to deploy and maintain budget-busting, cumbersome desktop systems or the physical infrastructure required to support VDI. It allows your organization to host remote desktop machines while it frees your employees to enjoy the features of a portable PC.

With Clearpath, you can easily create a “CloudTop” virtual desktop environment that gives your employees access to a Windows desktop image from practically any device with an Internet connection – like a Web browser, iPad, iPhone, desktop, laptop, or thin client.

Is a Cloud Desktop a Good Fit for Your Organization?

While organizations of all sizes and types can benefit from a cloud desktop arrangement, it’s especially well suited for organizations with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Fewer than 50 employees
  • Mac-oriented
  • Involved with education (K-12, college) or with education departments
  • Facing a costly PC refresh cycle
  • Provide external application access or software training

Benefits of a Clearpath Cloud Desktop

  • Sharply lowers your desktop operating costs
  • Gives workers more flexibility and control
  • Boosts employee productivity and creativity
  • Eliminates the expensive desktop refresh cycle
  • Lengthens service life for existing desktop hardware
  • Runs new applications that require more resources with ease
  • Makes upgrading simpler
  • Enhances security and compliance

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