Clearpath Doubles Hosting Environment to Meet Demand for Cloud-based Solutions

As businesses across all industries seek to reduce expenses while maintaining a competitive advantage, cloud computing solutions are in demand. Clearpath Hosting’s “Network Cloud” allows businesses to radically transform their IT infrastructure to capitalize on new business opportunities and significantly reduce costs.

“We saw a need among many of our clients for a cloud solution that would allow them to take advantage of the tremendous flexibility and scalability of virtualization without sacrificing network availability or security. Clearpath Hosting’s new solution addresses all of those factors and offers an unparalleled 99.99% up-time guarantee,” says Nathan Reynolds, Vice President of Clearpath Hosting.

This strong client need led Clearpath to upgrade and expand its hosting environment’s footprint by 100% in its Ashburn, VA data center. Virtualization technology has developed rapidly in recent months allowing more IT infrastructure to be safely transitioned. Clearpath has become an innovator in this field by offering a solution that is always available and a “pay as you grow” model that lets businesses be more in control of their capital costs and focus human resources on moving key business initiatives forward.

About Clearpath Hosting

Clearpath Hosting is a subsidiary of Clearpath Solutions Group, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions and consulting services to over 300 clients across a wide spectrum of industries. With a focus on data management solutions, Clearpath seeks to empower its clients by providing access to the latest technologies and now an “Infrastructure as a Service” approach to managing business networks. Learn more by calling 866-892-3154 or visiting

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