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Peninsula Regional Medical Center Achieves IT Innovation through VMware Virtualization

Peninsula Regional Medical Center streamlines network performance, reduces IT spending and fosters enterprise communications and collaboration with VMware virtualization solutions through Clearpath Solutions Group. Recognized as a “most-wired” health-care system in rural and most-improved categories, Peninsula Regional Medical Center was an early adopter of virtualization with its deployment of VMware virtualization technology seven years ago. Peninsula understood that IT innovation was critical to its ability to meet strategic goals but like many organizations, cost and funding had to be carefully allocated. Clearpath assisted in virtualizing over 75 percent of the medical center’s IT environment, allowing Peninsula to focus on expanding their health-care services rather than their IT organization.

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Peninsula’s datacenter had reached full capacity and time was ripe for virtualization as Paul Lade, Senior Systems Administrator, oversaw a pilot project to deploy VMware on a handful of servers in the medical center’s test and development environment. The results showed immediate promise. “VMware consistently did what it said it could do,” says Lade. “It was simple and easy to use.”

When someone came to IT with an urgent request for a server, the team decided to provision a virtualized system instead of scrambling to install new physical hardware. “Within a year, half of our test systems were virtualized, and we were starting to clear space in our datacenter,” Lade says.

A year after that, Peninsula had adopted a formal “virtualization first” policy for its entire IT infrastructure—including mission-critical production systems as well as its test and development environment. What happened next was a two-year reprieve in hardware acquisitions, a welcome change from the unabated server sprawl that Peninsula faced previously.

VMware virtualization through Clearpath has delivered significant value to Peninsula. The medical center’s IT infrastructure is now 75 percent virtualized, and from a peak of 185 physical servers, it is now down to 110 despite having enriched its application environment considerably along the way. One major benefit Lade cites is ease of management.  “We can manage our entire virtualized infrastructure through a single pane of glass,” he says. He relates an incident when the environment was hit by a virus. “We were able to check a couple of hundred virtual machines in a fraction of the time it would have taken to clean up 200 physical servers,” Lade notes.

Ease of management means Peninsula requires fewer system administrators than would otherwise be required to manage its datacenters, saving the medical center $80,000–120,000 annually in labor costs. VMware virtualization allowed the medical center to avoid even larger costs in its facilities budget. Peninsula is in the middle of a multimillion-dollar expansion, and thanks to Clearpath’s virtualization services, it was able to focus that expansion on its needs as a health-care services provider, rather than its IT organization.

Today, the medical center is running a small View pilot with plans to eventually implement 1,000 virtual desktops on Wyse thin clients. Peninsula serves as a quintessential example of embracing innovative IT to meet strategic goals – innovation that is enabled by VMware virtualization.

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